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Floor Pumps

SKS Air X-Plorer 10.0
The Air X-Plorer 10.0 is an amazing solution for all your inflation needs. Featuring the all-new "MV Easy" multi-valve head. The pump measures 710mm tall and is built with sturdy steel construction. It also features an ergonomic, soft-touch handle as well as an extra-long high-pressure hose. - Max Pressure: 145 PSI - Compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves - Replacement/Rebuild parts are available - 476cc of air pressure per stroke - Height: 710mm - Hose Length: 1280mm - Gauge: 80mm (Analog) - Steel Tube, Steel Base, Soft Touch Handle - Made in Germany
SKS Air X-Plorer Digital
Powerful floor pump with digital manometer Precise: The SKS floor pump AIR-X-PLORER DIGI 10.0 impresses with a high-quality LED digital manometer. The first-class sensor technology guarantees high measurement accuracy and delivers precise air pressure values ??up to 10 bar. Other features include the soft-touch handle with a compartment for tire levers, the extra-long high-pressure hose, and the "MV EASY" MULTI VALVE head for all valve types. First-class sensor technology The large steel tube and the solid metal base guarantee good power transmission so that higher pressures (476 cm³ stroke) can be pumped into the tire without any problems. Including battery: 2 x Micro AAA - Digital pressure gauge for maximum measurement accuracy - Stable steel tube/metal base - Long high-pressure hose - Ergonomically shaped soft-touch handle - MULTI VALVE head "MV EASY" for all valve types - Made in Germany - Max. pressure: 10 bar / 144 PSI - Height: 710mm - Cylinder tube: metal - Foot: metal - Handle: Soft touch handle
SKS Air X-Press 8.0
Now 50mm higher than before, the Air X-Press 8.0 is an upgrade of our sturdy and lightweight plastic floor pump with an accurate gauge for precise pressure control. - Displays both bar and PSI - Convenient handling due to proven SKS MULTI VALVE pump head with thumb lock lever - Inflates easily up to 8 bar/115 PSI
SKS AirKompressor 12.0 Floor Pump
SKS's AirKompressor 12.0 Floor Pump can handle it all. The E.V.A. head works with all valves and the 174 psi/12 bar max pressure lets you fill up even the highest quality road tubulars. Fat mountain tires are also easy to air up, too, thanks to the high-volume, extra-long steel body. And, an oversize gauge and long hose make the AirKompressor perfect for every job.
SKS Airkompressor Compact
The Airkompressor Compact 10.0 Floor Pump is a great travel option. The pump features a steel air chamber, a plastic base, and a solid plastic handle with added rubber texture for better grip. Standing at 600mm tall, this pump is compact and easy to bring along on any trip. - Max Pressure: 145 PSI - Compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop valves - Replacement/Rebuild parts are available - 385cc of air per stroke - Height: 600mm - Hose Length: 850mm - Gauge: 63mm - Steel tube, plastic base, solid handle - Made in Germany
SKS Airmotion 12.0
The Airmotion 12.0 is a piece of German engineering at work. Get more precise readings without straining your eyes with an elevated, 63mm gauge. The Airmotion features a steel air tube and a metal base with a soft-touch handle. It's also the tallest pump we offer, measuring 715mm tall. - Max Pressure: 174 PSI - Compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop Valves - Replacement/Rebuild parts are available - 343cc of air pressure per stroke - Height: 715mm - Hose Length: 1300mm - Gauge: 63mm (Elevated) - Steel Tube, Steel Base, Soft Touch Grip - Made in Germany
SKS Airstep
The Airstep Bicycle Foot Pump combines the virtues of a classic floor pump with a foot pump. - Extra-large pressure gauge - Integrated storage space for the spiral hose and head - Aluminum foot pedal allows you to inflate with the ergonomic strength of your legs - Pump locks down and includes a wall bracket as a space-saving solution - Inflates to 7 bar/102 psi - Compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop Valves - Made in Germany
SKS Airstep DIGI
The digital update of the tried-and-tested Airstep foot pump impresses with a high-quality, precise digital gauge. The black LED display shows the pressure perfectly in bright orange numerals. The first-class sensor technology with a deviation tolerance of up to 1.5% guarantees a high measuring accuracy, thus ensuring optimum tire-pressure adjustments. Another innovation is the powder-coated aluminum foot pedal. Thanks to its scratch-resistant coating, it not only offers high-impact resistance, it also impresses with its modern black appearance.
SKS Airworx 10.0 Anthracite Floor Pump
Airworx 10.0 Anthracite Floor Pump from SKS provides a large volume of air per stroke. The soft-touch handle with grip recesses provides a comfortable feel. The precision gauge can be easily seen, positioned at the top of the pump body. In addition to the long hose, the pump is fitted with a Multi Valve head for use with all valve types. - Inflates to 10 bar/144 psi - Compatible with Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop Valves - Replacement/rebuild parts are available - Solid metal base for a firm foothold - Measurements: 665mm height - Made in Germany
SKS Rennkompressor Floor Pump
SKS's Rennkompressor Floor Pump is a legend. For over four decades, this German work of art has been the go-to pump for countless cyclists the world over. The E.V.A. head works with all valves and the 230 psi/16 bar max pressure can fill even the highest quality track tubulars. Sturdy aluminum construction, an oversize gauge, and a long hose will make it your go-to pump, as well.
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