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Bike Fit Customer Testimonials

What our Bike Fit Clients Are Saying...

For nearly 20 years, Hypercat has been helping people ride their bikes with more comfort, efficiency and speed.
Check out feedback from Hypercat bike fit clients! 

"Though skeptical at first due to some 'radical' changes--in my opinion, I felt improvements the first ride after the fit. To be fair, I wanted to give some real time and efforts on the bike before assessing and reviewing.  In brief, Phil is amazing and I am grateful for how he changed my riding. I've never been so comfortable and power is improving faster.  I'm a convert and tell every rider I know to see Phil for a fit.
It's been 20 years since I raced alongside the likes of Fignon and Bugno; but, after the fit, I may have to pin on a number again.
Thank you!"

David B, Ventura, CA

"This a long overdue posting. I found Hypercat Racing by traveling the road of looking for the perfect bike fit. Spending countless hours tweaking and adjusting and only being able to achieve 95%. Philip Casanta of Hypercat was able to close the gap on the missing 5% of fitting that I just could not seem to achieve anywhere and thought I just had to live with those minor fit points that were just not acceptable on longer rides. I had my fit in February of 2011. I thought possibly in a short period of time I would have issues with my fit again but that day has not come. After my fit and modifications it was as if I bought a brand new bike. My hat's off to Phil for doing such an incredible job at Hypercat. Very highly recommended by me."

Victor G., Oxnard, CA 

I had my bike fit by Coach Phil and it made a huge difference. Not only was I more comfortable in the saddle but my power output also increased. This service is well worth it.

Mark F, Mountain View, CA

"I have had a number of bike fits over the years and recently, after moving to CA, four different fits with Coach Phil on four different bikes (tri, road, combined road tri, & commute).  Coach Phil is the ultimate professional, taking whatever time in takes to get it perfect. Not only will you feel more comfortable and have better power output, you will also be less likely to get injured. It is definitely worth it to have a professional bike fit."

Howard G., Berkeley, CA

"I had a bike fitting and many parts upgraded on my bike from Phil. I have a serious sciatica problem and biking before the fit would lead to hours of discomfort once the ride was over. Now that I've had everything adjusted, I can get off the bike and I'm pain free. That is the best part about a fit, because Phil puts everything in proper alignment when the ride is over you feel as good as when it began. I have told many friends that their next upgrade should come from Phil in the form of a bike fit, worth every penny!"

Armand V, Los Angeles, CA

"Getting a fit was the best thing i have ever had done to my bike. I thought that the bike was fast before now it is really fast. If you haven't seen Phil for a fit - GO it is money well spent!"

Matt C, Camarillo

"  I recently paid for a bike fitting by Phil Casanta regarding my road bike.  The results are nothing short of amazing to me.  After the fitting I feel much safer descending and the bike just generally handles better.   It literally feels like I have a new bike.  After a long ride I don't feel the aches and pains in my neck and knee that I used to feel..   Bike fittings can seem like an unnecessary expense to age groupers like myself.  In terms of injury prevention and safety, I think it is money wisely spent."

Tim T., Oxnard, CA

"I just wanted to let you know that since you “dialed in” my bikes my overall comfort has improved immensely. I am now riding my Tarmac on longer rides (over 40 miles) and it is no longer beating me up like it used to. As I originally told you when I came in, I thought all my aches and pains were normal and age related. I am really impressed with the end results of your fitting procedure. I have been talking about it with all of the guys I ride with and I am confident that at least a couple will be coming in to see you. Just checking in. Thanks."

Buzz N, Ventura, CA

" I have never been so comfortable on a bike before!!  Phil was able to make adjustments and put my in the most comfortable position I have ever been in while riding a bike.  Thank you, Phil!"

Robin B, Oceanside, CA

" I have never had a bike fitting done. But Phil took the whole 3 hours to fit me with the Retul system.  He explained how my previous position would be setting up for injury later.  As a newbie rider he gave me many pointers on how to improve my riding efficiency. The ride definitely feels more comfortable. Thank you Hypercat Racing!"

Eric T, Oak Park, CA

"Re: Bike Fit / Hypercat I want to say that Phil pulled through for me with the bike fit and getting me dialed in on the bike. No joke. Your husband helped me fall in love with riding again. I ended up doing the team event at Pac (bike) and unless my computer was wrong, I averaged 22 - 23mph over the course. It's the fastest that I've EVER ridden over 20+ miles.  And, thanks for the past training and tips. I use them often and clearly I am getting great results. You both ROCK!!!"

Eric, Burlingame, CA

"Having raced at a world-class level for nearly a decade when I was younger, I felt I could confidently set my position to about 85% of perfect. I went to see Coach Phil when I had some knee pain last year and he made some subtle changes to my bike position and was able to dial-in the remaining 15%. I learned so much in our first session that I went back with my new road bike and my time trial bike. If you have a bicycle, go see Philip Casanta at Hypercat, he will teach you things that would take lifetimes to learn and his efforts will increase your riding enjoyment."

Greg M, Cupertino, CA

"My bike fit time with you was definitely an eye opener for me! My bike feels great. I raced at Pacific Grove last weekend and upped my mph on the bike which was exciting for me. Even more so was my run.  I felt as though I had more legs left for the run. I won my age group and even broke the course record for my age so the bike fit was a success and long over due! Thanks for all the info and answers to my many questions."

Kathy F., San Francisco, CA

"Hi Phil, It was good to meet you last month.  I'm really enjoying the   fit and having aero bars as an option once again. I've done a couple of time trials since the fit and both times, great results.
Thanks very much!"

Amy R, Ventura, CA

"Hi Phil,

Just wanted to say thanks for all the adjustments you made to my bike.  My bike has been feeling great, especially when climbing!"

Sara S., San Francisco, CA

"I have never been professionally fit on a bike and did not know what to expect when Phil started putting dots on me. But, after a 16 month layoff, I was able to compete in a half ironman and have never felt so comfortable on a bike before. And, more importantly, when I got off, I was not sore and ran to a personal best! Thanks Phil!"

Rob, Oceanside, CA

"Hypercat helped me determine if a potential new bike was a good fit. They did a mechanical rebuild, then made all kinds of micro adjustments that resulted in the best cycling of my career.  Proper bike fit fixed two bio-mechanical motions that were leading to injuries, no more pain, more stable, comfortable ride, and more power."

Adam, Los Angeles, CA

"I had Philip Casanta at Hypercat Racing do the bike fitting on my road and tri bike.  The fit on the road bike was an immediate improvement and after a year of struggling, made all the difference in the world.  The triathlon bike had bigger issues.  He has been helping me resolve the issues and correct them. Excellent professional, great business and organization.  He is straightforward and no BS, and goes the extra mile. Somewhat unusual in the bike industry these days.  I highly recommend and will continue to use them in the future!"

Rob A., Oxnard, CA

"Hi Rachel and Phil!  Bike feels great!  I've put about 230 miles on it since the fitting.  I feel more compact...not so stretched out.  My lower back seems to be more relaxed as well.  The fit was great....and  I walked away with muchmore than a bike fit...Phil is an amazing resource."

Ryan S., San Francisco, CA

"Phil, Just wanted to let you know that I rode today for the first time since the fitting. There was an obvious difference in terms of comfort.  I am very pleased with the feel, especially in the aero position. Thanks again for all your help!"

Roger W, San Francisco, CA

"Phil, I finally got my new handlebars and had them installed. Did a 44-mile ride today (that's long for me) and felt awesome! I can't tell you how much of a difference the fitting has made. My neck wasn't sore, my hamstrings don't hurt, I didn't stick my knees out when I rode...I enjoyed every minute thoroughly. I was able to stay in the aero position for about 90% of the race at Pac Grove and put in my best bike time. Thanks so much!"

Judi S, San Francisco, CA

"Thanks Phil, you were great. What an awesome bike fit. I'm virtually pain free of the shoulder/neck aches - much better!"

Alvin L., San Francisco, CA

"Phil's bike fitting skills are renowned.  Not only does he know bikes (and the whole industry) like the back of his hand, his focus is on making sure you perform well on your bike not selling you a bunch of expensive stuff that won't really give you meaningful improvements.  He was able to suggest a couple of inexpensive components that have really made my riding more comfortable, efficient, and fast.  Maybe the best thing is that he was able to understand where my body was aching and not feeling comfortable on the bike, make changes, and now I can put in the big mileage again without any pain.  He even spent extra time with me helping me understand my bike and making sure it was really set up right (using computers, lazers, and other gadgets to get things perfectly dialed in).  I've been fit before, but never by someone who knew so much and had such a sophisticated and scientific approach.  I guess this is why so many pros have him fit them."

David D., Benicia, CA

"I went to see Philip Casanta at Hypercat Racing for a bike fit.  I'd been off the bike for nearly ten years with hip and lower back pain.  Every time I'd ride I would end up with pain in my sacrum.   On a recommendation from a friend I drove 20 miles for a fit with Phil.  Best move of the decade.  Phil popped me up on the trainer and diagnosed that my feet needed to be rotated out side to side (literally the inside of my foot needed to rest higher than the outside).  Phil found these special offset SPD cleats (seriously, no one else has ever heard of these things) that allow my hips to open ever so slightly.  Long story short, in the next month I was riding mostly pain free.  I raced Downiville and the Tahoe flume trail races a couple months later.  Besides fixing me, Phil is a genuinely nice guy.   We talked old school racing (I'm talking team 7-11) while he worked his magic. I'm bummed he moved to Ventura." 

Joshua G., San Francisco, CA

"I found Hypercat while searching the web  for professional bicycle fitting. There were good things to said on Yelp, and I liked what their website had to say, as well as Coach Phil's experience and training. I had gotten a bike fit in the past at a local bike shop, which was very inexpensive, and did help a little, but was very, very basic.  That was a few years ago, and I was needing to reduce certain cycling pains that I had developed (numb hands, numb toes, occasional knee pain.) I was also keen to improve my efficiency on the bike, if there were any gains to made there.
I had already made all the adjustments to my bike to the best of my ability, but it was time for a pro's help.
All I can say is that it was worth every penny. Coach Phil is an extremely personable and knowledgeable individual. You can tell that he not only loves what he does, but also has -a lot- of knowledge about bike fit and training. But coupled with his knowledge is an intrinsic "feel" or intuition on what would be best to tailor the bike to you and your goals.

As it turns out, all I needed was a slightly shorter stem, wedges for my cleats, and minor saddle adjustments. All of this would have been hit or miss for me to dial-in, as it wasn't far off from where I was. But if there's anything I've learned about bike over the years is that a millimeter or two in either direction often has a huge impact.

My first ride up the hill after the fit session was absolutely easier; showing that I was more efficient on the bike. But of course afterwards my leg muscles hurt in places they never had before! Both of these things show that Phil's adjustments had definitely brought more of my leg muscles into play that had previously only been along for the ride. Thanks Phil!

Other things worthy of note: Phil has had the opportunity to use a lot of different gear over the years, so he can give lots of good advice on the tech front. Also, if you pay close attention and listen, you'll likely pick-up some good, free training tips!

If you're a cyclist, and you're considering what to spend money on for a bicycle component upgrade, for less that what some people spend on a set of handlebars or a seatpost, you can tailor your bike to fit you the best it can, and see real results out on the road."

Eric R., Oakland, CA

"Hypercat Racing is a five star outfit.  Coach Rachel helped me get to goal of finishing my first Ironman with a smile on my face. She knows how to balance a full time work schedule, a family, and training all while keeping it fun. Coach Phil helped me get the right bike fit dialed in which improved my comfort and power on my bike. I would highly recommend Hypercat Racing to first time triathlete trying to finish their first event or to the seasoned veteran trying to shave time and finish with a new PR.  These guys rock!"

Mark F., San Jose, CA