Coaching that Gets Results!

Whether you aim to get fit, get faster, finish your first triathlon, century ride, complete a new distance, quality for Team USA, race at Age Group Nationals, Worlds or qualify for Kona, your Coach has the knowledge, expertise, experience and passion to help you get there! No matter where you live, your coach is equipped to help you reach your goals with the highest level of support and guidance!


$195 per 4 weeks

For single sport athletes and athletes who want the piece of mind that comes with a professionally created training strategy. As affordable, no frills coaching option for those who need unlimited email contact with their coach. 


$269 per 4 weeks

Our most popular package for triathletes and duathletes training and competing at any distance.  Featuring smart progressions, regular bench mark testing and an emphasis on key workouts this option includes a monthly phone call and unlimited email contact. 


$385 per 4 weeks

For athletes of any level who desire the most complete coaching option. Gold includes unlimited texts, email communication and phone calls with your coach. Focus is on race planning, race review and analysis of heart rate and power data from key workouts. 

How Coaching Works

Step 1

Click "Sign Up Now" and complete the Coaching Interest Form.

Step 2

Your coach will follow-up with you to set up a call via phone/Skype or an in-person meeting at Hypercat Racing.

Prior to your meeting/call, complete the
"Pre-Training Questionnaire."

Step 3

Together with your Coach, you'll set a start date. Then you'll complete the coaching start-up documents. Next? Get training with accountability, focus and purpose!